Youtube audio converter v1.0
by Professor Pickles

Easily convert 1 audio & 1 image into YouTube compatible video using completely FREE SOFTWARE! (for windows!)

So when I first started making my music for Youtube, I was looking, All over the Internet for an easy,cheap or preferably FREE solution to take in 1 image file, and 1 audio clip and output a Youtube compatible video!


My search was in vain!

I couldn't find one that was cheap enough! (for my budget)
I couldn't find one that was easy enough to use! (for my taste)

I was frustrated.

During my travels across the Internet I had heard of people using FFmpeg to do this however!

FFmpeg is a free software project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data.

But that in itself can be overly complicated. (as I found out)

So I decided to make my own solution using the FFmpeg libraries!
Where all inputs and outputs were set automatically for this purpose!

And here it is ... IN-ACTION! (below).

Screenshot :

And here is ... a demonstration video of how easy to use - (and prepare) it is.

Youtube audio converter does just that ...

Using nothing more than just point and click, you can have a Youtube compatible video from 1 audio, and from 1 image, in minutes!

From 1 audio and 1 image you get something just like (this)!

And it's completely free, using completely free software!
FREE For windows, forever!

Youtube audio converter v1.0 is compatible with
Microsoft windows version 7+

Filesize : 1.61 MB

PAD File for this distribution located at :>

Quick link to this page available at